Monday, July 21, 2008

Clever Writing - Maureen Dowd on Task Facing Obama

I couldn't resist passing this one along....

In "Ich Bin Ein Jet-Setter," her column yesterday in the New York Times analogizing to a sort of mythological undertaking the tall task facing Barack Obama as he travels the world in his coming-out tour these next weeks, Maureen Dowd comments that among Obama's challenges will be:

"Instead of slaying the nine-headed Hydra, he must bedazzle three European countries without causing Middle America to begrudge his popularity with a bunch of foreigners.
"Then again, maybe it will be a refreshing change to see a leader abroad reflecting the America the world wants to believe in, after the ignominy of Iraq, Afghanistan, Dick Cheney and Abu Ghraib."

And the coup de grace: "Instead of obtaining the girdle of the Amazon warrior queen Hippolyte, Obama has to overcome the hurdle of the Amazon warrior queen Hillary. [Whoa.] He has to figure out how to let her down easy on the vice presidential deal, while wooing the frantic Clinton sisterhood and Hillraisers who would rather see a McCain Supreme Court than support the glib, cocky young guy who presumptuously sped past their gal."