Friday, February 1, 2008

MoveOn.Org Members Endorse Obama 70 - 30%

MoveOn.Org Executive Director Eli Pareiser states, in a Feb. 1 2008 e-mail reporting on the results of a poll of MoveOn members favoring Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton 70.4 - 29.6%,

"Something big is clearly happening. A few weeks ago, MoveOn members we
surveyed were split. But with John Edwards bowing out, progressives are
coming together. Obama won over 70% of the vote yesterday, and he's moving
up in polls nationwide. As comments poured in from MoveOn members across
the country, the sense of hope was inspiring. Here's how Christine Y. in
New Jersey put it:

"'I've never felt so strongly about any one candidate in my entire life.
He's truly an inspiration to all of us--especially the younger generation.
I will stand by him 100% for as long as he's willing to stand up and fight
for this country!' ...

"To be clear, we won't always agree with all of Obama's positions. And
MoveOn members said overwhelmingly that, regardless of who wins the
Democratic nomination, we'll work hard to win the White House in 2008.
Whatever happens in the primary, we'll push the Democratic nominee to
campaign progressively and then we'll push them to fulfill their promises
after they win.

"The building of a progressive consensus around Senator Obama is tangible.
Earlier this week, John F. Kennedy's daughter Caroline Kennedy said Obama
is the first presidential candidate to be as inspirational as her father.
Yesterday, progressive magazine The Nation said that electing Obama is "a
chance we can't pass up." And then, the most widely read
progressive blog, announced Obama won 76% in a reader poll this week.

"It's time to get to work electing a president who is inspiring a nation
and is talking about big, progressive change."