Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bush and The Game of Risk

The train wreck that is the George W. Bush presidency just keeps piling up cars.

Just recently:

-the Iraq "surge" has led to a surge in bombings, leading to more U.S. and Iraqi casualties. This after all best advice from the Iraq Study Group, the November elections, Congress and other indicators suggested we should get the hell out of Dodge. The White House defied all of this, and went forward with its ill-fated plans - damn the consequences.
-the World Bank is in crisis as loyal Bushie Paul Wolfowitz gamely clings to his job despite evidence of corruption in gaining favors for his girl friend. Of course, the White House stands by its man - damn the consequences.
-the Justice Department is in crisis with an incompetent loyal Bushie Attorney General whose main qualification is his undying loyalty to the president, who barely knows his left hand from his right. Of course the White House stand by its man - damn the consequences.

And on, and on.... and on....

This guy doesn't listen to ANYbody - he's an unaccountable rogue, and he and his Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight are dangerous menaces to the world.

What is it about "W." where he is SO obstinate and oblivous to reason? Maureen Dowd had some interesting - and very telling - observations in a January 13 2007 column titled "A Risky Game of Risk":

"W. always acts like he's upping the ante in a board game where you roll the dice and bet your plastic army divisions on the outcome. This doesn't surprise some of his old classmates at Yale, who remember Junior as the riskiest Risk player of them all, know for dropping by the rooms of friends for extended bouts of "The Game of Global Domination."

"Junior was known as an extremely aggressive player in the venerable Parker Brothers board game, a brutal contest that requires bluster and bluffing as you invade countries, all the while betraying alliances....

"His gamesmanship extended to sports - he loved going into overtime and demanding that points be played over because he wasn't quite ready.

"[As Gail Sheehey pointed out in a recent issue of Vanity Fair,] 'Even if he loses, his friends say, he doesn't lose. He'll just change the score, or change the rules, or make his opponent play until he can beat him.'

"W.'s best friend when he was a teenager in Houston, Doug Hannah, told Ms. Sheehy: 'If you were playing basketball and you were playing to 11 and he was down, you went to 15.'"

Enough already! How long before impeachment is off the table, Speaker Pelosi? Nothing else will reach him - he is beyond accountability to ANYone. Sure, there's no practical likelihood of success, but it's important on principle alone for We the People to make a statement on what sort of behavior is unacceptable from our "leaders."