Saturday, March 3, 2007

fizzicks is phun

My high school kid's been coming home the last few days animated about his Physics class - something nice to see, since school isn't always the most exciting thing for him or his brothers & friends. Apparently they're moving into modern physics with Einstein's earthshaking work of about 100 years ago - cool things like special relativity, black body radiation, photoelectric effect, etc. And all of this a mere decade after Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Michelson said in 1894 that the possibility of new scientific discoveries was "exceedingly remote" since all the important fundamental laws and facts of physical science had already been discovered.

I wonder what will be the previously-unthinkable laws, facts, and discoveries our great-grandkids will be learning and telling their dads about when they come home from school 100 years from now....

By: Michael Anthony Lawrence